Thank you Ann!

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"The Covid-19 pandemic response was not based on sound medicine or science, and was not commensurate with the actual threat of the illness."

It's much worse than that! If this abomination had merely been a series of errors, or based on panic and over-reaction.... But noooo... It was a scam, pure and simple. A crime for filthy lucre...


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Hi Lori -

I just read your article on the Brownstone Institute.

And wanted to tell you that this is one of the BEST ARTICLES I have read for a very long time that adequately addresses the real agenda behind the Covid-19 attack on humanity - for that is what it was as the evidence tells us this is what it was -and gives a extremely detailed but easy to read overview of them most important issues, so well done and thank you.

I hope this article brings you a lot of subscribers here.

May I also offer you a thought as you continue your thinking and (hopefully) continue to write about this.

For the last 2 years I have obsessively asked myself who had the power, depth, and breadth, to force this across the entire world. For a while I thought the CCP and the neo-communists, then neo-Nazis, etc.

But ultimately it came down to a combination of all the fascist institutions, families, corporations and foundations that have come down through the generations with an intention for world government - of which there are many.

So I call them the Global Fascist Alliance - or GFA - as it adequately sums up the worldwide nature of the beast, and the public-private partnerships, or stakeholders as Klaus Schwab has been calling them for 50 years, and so the adjective 'fascist' is the right description.

However there is one group that I am particularly obsessed with watching because they are the power that is pushing into all our countries - and this is the G20 group. Without the cooperation of the political leaders of this group none of this tyranny would have been able to take place.

And while the G20 is a key institution of the global fascist alliance - it is the key power.

Looking forward to your next article.

Best regards,


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Hello Ivan,

Thank you for your encouragement, and for your insightful comments. I will look into the G20 more; I've been vaguely aware of the organization, but hadn't identified it as being "the power that is pushing into all our countries." You are right, though, "Without the cooperation of the political leaders of this group none of this tyranny would have been able to take place."

We've been betrayed by elected leaders who should have been protecting democracy and the sovereignty of our nations. The corruption runs wide and deep, impacting all of our cherished institutions. But more people are waking up to the danger we're in, and they're pushing back. There is reason for hope!


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Hello Lori,

Thank you for such a lovely reply.

And yes dig into the G20 - and note the intersecting web and global architecture that has sprung up since the formation of the United Nations, the IMF, the World Bank and the WEF in 1946, a pivotal year for building the global architecture for global fascism-it is so wide spread I often compare it to a cancer, or cockroaches, everywhere you look you find new critters of this group.

And you are right we have been betrayed - and that betrayal goes back generations.

And I have often thought of these people as traitors, and that we must begin to call them out as such, to name them, shame them, and defame them. They have flown under the radar for a long time, but Covid has revealed their agenda clearly.

It is deep and wide as you say. And has impacted many of our institutions - though I have become more cynical. I think the institutions were not created to serve us, the 99%, but were created to serve the agenda of the global fascist alliance, which has been in place for hundreds of years.

Take central banking for example - created in 1694 by private shareholders - it is simply a wealth transfer mechanism that beggars nations over generation.

And while there are great people like you Lori writing, agitating, and calling out the evil, I have every confidence that even though there is a lot of pain ahead, we will win in the end and stop global fascism in its tracks.

Keep up the great work.


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Yes, I also believe that these forces have been at work for a long time, and that Covid just revealed them in sharp relief. Thank you for your thoughts and your efforts to make a difference, Ivan!

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'GFA' is a perfect term to describe the forces that are driving humanity into a dystopian biofarxcist™ One World dictatorship. And as for the G20, I think the B20 is even more dangerous because they are the ones who formulate all these fascist ideas and recommend them to the G20, who then use their political power to impose this crap on humanity. – https://www.thebalitimes.com/headlines/elon-musk-bill-gates-scheduled-to-visit-b20-summit-in-bali-this-november/

And yes, KUDOS to Lori for this brilliant article!

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Hey Deep Thought - thanks for liking my GFA - spread it amongst your family, friends, and contacts. This is exactly what we are up against - goes back hundreds of years and likely started in the era of public-private fascist corporations of the European-British colonialist era. 1600 English East India company. 1602 Dutch East India Company. Fascists.

Thanks for the link too.


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An excellent synopsis, thank you.

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