Covid-19 Musings in 9 Key Points
Covid-19 Was a Trial Run for Future Government Controls
On October 26, 2022 Dr. Anthony Fauci sat down with Peter Staley of the Harvard Institute of Politics, for a conversation about “Covid and Career in…
We must be willing to say no, and even forgo certain technologies, when we see that the risks and costs outweigh the convenience they might provide.
We must protect our little ones from those who have shown themselves willing to harm children, in the name of “safety” and “public health,” to further…
Folks, we didn’t need two years of Covid to figure this out. We knew back in 2020 that face masks don’t prevent the spread of airborne illnesses.
It’s essential our leaders admit wrongdoing, and that we establish a legislatively supported agreement to never, ever repeat the disaster that was the…
Something that has been taking people by surprise is the Progressives’ redefinition of our language, leading the push to redefine societal and cultural…
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