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.....while the point is CERTAINLY laudable where particularly 'smart (or should I say, 'S.M.A.R.T.)phones' are concerned, with likely MILLIONS dead, BILLIONS injured as a direct result of their BIGGEST deceit to date, a FAR-bigger one is for humanity to get some MUCH-needed existential REST, Lori and thus, comparative ease is COMPARABLY so - have an HONEST conversation concerning our LOT; we've ALLOWED these heartless SADISTS to make TOO many of US masochists for MANY decades, validated THEIR rituals and belief systems (including ABOUT ourselves) MILLENNIA and in an EVOLVED society, basic needs are MORE than met, SEEN as a MIGHTY-wise investment - so that there CAN be TRULY-informed 'choice', REAL, life-AFFIRMING opportunities (OR, 'entrepreneurialism') as an INHERENTLY-unsustainable economic system, has failed MISERABLY ('capitalism', requires monied HIERARCHIES - which by their very NATURE - and DESIGN, thoroughly DISempowers individuals, systematically fails to acknowledge REAL societal value - ESPECIALLY that of those viewed as, 'OLD'.....)

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